Clean Missouri is anything but clean.

Vote NO on Amendment 1.

Amendment 1 is a deceitful attempt by out-of-state billionaires to

fill Missouri’s legislature with liberal Democrats.

Not-So-Clean Missouri has accepted more than $600,000 in dark money donations. But they claim they want to make government more transparent. What are they hiding?

The liberal agenda behind Amendment 1 is easy to spot.
Just look who’s paying for it.

Not-So-Clean Missouri is a deceitful attempt by liberal special interests to throw away our 50-year-old redistricting process and give an unelected bureaucrat the sole power to gerrymander.

The out-of-state billionaires behind Amendment 1 want Missouri voters to believe Amendment 1 will bring integrity and transparency to Missouri politics, but here’s the truth.


Amendment 1 will limit the control of lobbyists and the wealthy through campaign contributions.



Similar limits already passed and were implemented two years ago. They were only added again to this amendment to deceive Missouri voters.



Amendment 1 is a bipartisan effort, supported by both Republicans and Democrats. 



Liberal billionaires including George Soros have been pushing policies similar to Clean Missouri across the country. Their intent? Fill state legislatures with liberal Democrats. Clean Missouri’s portrayal of Amendment 1 as a bipartisan effort is just another way they’re scamming voters.


Amendment 1 will make government more transparent and help constituents hold their elected officials accountable.


Amendment 1 is a privacy disaster. It would make communications between Missouri citizens and their elected officials public – exposing citizens’ private personal, financial, and medical records to radical activists. That includes whistleblower complaints.

Our State Constitution protects every Missourian’s rights. Complex, sweeping changes can have unintended consequences. Most of the changes in Amendment 1 can be done without changing the Constitution.

Stop George Soros and liberal special interests.

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Paid for by Missourians First, Rachel Reagan-Purschke, Treasurer